Firehouse Moving Company

Local Firefighters, Here to Help You Move

Located in Owensboro Kentucky and ready to to help you move.

Our Services

Packing & Unpacking

Packing can be a big job, but our packing experts have you covered! Packing takes a lot of care and time to be done right. Let our experts take the stress out of packing and unpacking for you!

Residential Moves

Regardless of the size of your home or your belongings Firehouse Moving Co. can handle your moving needs. We make sure to treat your items as our own and always make sure they are securely loaded.

Commercial Moves

Moving to a different workplace? Need to do office renovations requiring you to remove your expensive work equipment? We can help you with all of your commercial moving needs.

Long Distance Moves

We work hard to provide customers with a seamless long-distance moving experience. Whether you are relocating for work, family or simple for a change of scenery, we understand and are here for you.

Pickup and Delivery

Looking to move a large bulky item and don’t have a way to get it into your home or office? We also help rearrange any items you need in your home to make room for the new. 

Moving Supplies

From moving boxes to bubble wrap to professional tape, we have all that you need to make sure your items arrive safely if we are doing the packing or if you are! 

Stress-Free, Professional Moving Services

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Local Firefighters, Here to Help You Move

Honest, dependable, hardworking local firefighters are here to serve you.

Why Choose Us

Licensed & Insured

We are licensed and insured to provide both interstate (across state lines) and intrastate (within the state) moves. 

Professional Vehicles & Drivers

We pride ourselves in taking care of your items the same way we pride ourselves in taking care of our city.

Affordable, Honest, Experienced

No surprise hidden fees and transparent pricing. All of our movers are trusted with saving lives as firefighters and bring the same work ethic and hustle to your moving experience.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Your satisfaction is our number one priority. Rest assured that your satisfaction is guaranteed with our professional moving services.