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General Questions

Item 1

Item 1

Is Firehouse Moving Company a local company?

Yes we are a local company based out of Owensboro, Kentucky. We are here to serve the surrounding region!

How long has Firehouse Moving Company been in business?

We have been in business since June, 2019.

Is Firehouse Moving Company Licensed and Insured?

Yes we are licensed and insured. Unlike other local moving companies, we are licensed to provide BOTH interstate (acrosss state lines) and intrastate (within the state) moves. We have a $1,000,000 general liability policy and a $50,000 cargo insurance policy.

Can Firehouse Moving Company move a piano?

Yes, we are able to move pianos up and downstairs. There are limits to the size of pianos that we are able to move based on the layout of the house. Call us and we’ll visit to see if we can get the job done. Different rates may apply.

Can Firehouse Moving Company move safes?

Yes, we are able to move Safes up and downstairs. There are limits to the size of safes that we are able to move based on the layout of the house. Call us and we’ll visit to see if we can get the job done. Different rates may apply.

Does Firehouse Moving Company make partial moves with just a few items?

Yes, we can move 1 item or a 1000. Let us help you with your move!


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Item 2

What are Firehouse Moving Company's moving rates?

Some companies like to hide their pricing strategies. We are up front with our pricing so that there are no suprises or hidden fees. Our pricing can be broken down between these 3 components:

1. Worker Rates (time starts when they leave our warehouse and ends when they get back the warehouse)

                  $120 per hour for 2 workers

                  $165 per hour for 3 workers

                  $210 per hour for 4 workers

       ex: 2 workers for 4 hours is $480

2. Mileage Fee (beginning at the warehouse and upon return to the warehouse, found using google maps):

                  $0.67 per mile

       ex: 10 miles is $6.70

3. Truck fee (beginning at the warehouse and upon return to the warehouse, prorated to the exact minutes found using google maps):

                  $150 per hour in county (call for our out of county rates)

       ex: Truck is driving on the road for 34 minutes would be $85.  

**If you are a firefighter call and see about our special firefighter rates**

What are the rates of solely moving a large item such as a Piano or Safe?

The normal rate for these items are $250-$1000. This rate is subject to change based on the weight and layout of the move (stairs, corners, etc.). There are also big discounts if these items are included in a normal move. If these items are included in a normal move there may be no additional costs. Call us for more details. 

When should I have my mover come look at my house beforehand to give an estimate?

If there are heavy items and difficult layouts to your home (Narrow stairs, tight corners, items bigger than doorways. etc.) it may be good for us to see your home before the move date. If you have pianos or safes that need to be moved be sure to share that information with us. Depending on the size and weight there may be additional charges.

What could cause my move to be more expensive?

Since our company rates are factored by the amount of time it takes to move, the more prepping involved for the move day will reduce the amount of time needed to complete the job, therefore, saving you money. Click here to see the list of things that could be done to make the move go quicker.

Should I tip my mover?

Although our movers are trained to never ask or hint for tips from customers, they are allowed to accept tips. We suggest that if the customer is appreciative of the movers that helped them and are satisfied with the effort they gave, then the best way of honoring their work is by tipping their movers. In terms of what to tip the movers, we encourage customers to tip whatever they feel honors the work that was done. The customer still possesses full freedom to choose not to give a tip.

Packing & Prepping

Item 3

Item 3

What Items should I keep with me on my moving day?
  1. Cash
  2. Wallet/IDs/Important Paperwork
  3. Bag to keep everthing in one place (Ziploc Bags for small items)
  4. Snacks/Food  Planned (Advanced Moving Tip: Cook something the night before and place in a cooler so you won’t have to worry about making a dish when you move into your new place.)
  5. Paper Plates, Utensils, Paper Towels, Hand Sanitizer
  6. Pen and Pad of Paper (Along with Mover Information)
  7. Trash Bags
  8. Flashlight & Lamp (If the lighting in the new place is bad)
  9. Necessary Medications
  10. Necessary tools for assembling any furniture pieces (Also a box knife!)
  11. Drop Cloth/Moving Blanket (Never know what you’ll need to assemble. Use this to protect wood floors or to prevent messes.)
  12. Toiletries: Soap, Shampoo, Conditioner
  13. Towels and Change of Clothes (Pajamas for nighttime)
  14. Cleaning Supplies & Rags

-Ask yourself these questions before your move and you’ll be more prepared:

What will I need to set aside on the day of the move so that I’m not having to go through boxes? 

What things can I prepare ahead of time so that I’m not having to do it on the day of the move?

What's the best way to start packing?

Start early- Packing always takes longer than what you think it will.

Designate one room a day to pack. Start with Storage areas and unoccupied rooms.

Follow these couple of rules while packing each room:

*First thing you’ll want to do in each room is to separate items into 3 categories: 

  1. Keep, 2. Donate/Sell, and 3. Throw Away.

*Set aside things you’ll need to leave out of boxes leading up to the move. (We have a list of items you should keep outside of boxes on the moving day that you should check out)

What rooms should I pack first?

Here is a list of rooms you should pack in order if you are needing guidance. Remember to use the two following principles when choosing which rooms to pack first. Start with Rooms that get the least amount of use AND start with the rooms that are the most difficult rooms to pack first. Energy and motivation decreases the more you pack. So you’ll want to knock out the most difficult rooms while you still have the umph to get the job done.

This list creates a range of rooms using these two rules. Remember to set aside items you’ll need to use leading up to the move. This list is only meant to help guide you, choose what works best for you:

  1. Storage Areas: Detached garage, garage, and closets.
  2. Attic (Now that you have room in your garage you can bring down your attic items. This will save labor hours & money when you hire your movers if you prefer.)
  3. Unoccupied Rooms
  4. Kitchen (The hardest room to pack. Has the most items and alot of them are breakable. Set aside the dishes you’ll need to use leading up to the move. Begin packing starting with your breakables. Your best packing is in the beginning so you’ll want to pack your fine china first.)
  5. Sun Room/Reading Room/Den
  6. Living Room
  7. Bed Room
  8. Bathroom
What is a good list of things I need to get done before my move?

Click Here to see our moving checklist. This is a great tool to have to help prepare you for your upcoming move!

How do I pack a box?

Make sure the boxes are packed and close shut with tape. Empty unclosed boxes are not stackable. You can use packing paper or blankets/towels to fill in the empty voids.  Loose items inside of boxes can shift around and damage during the move. You will want to wrap breakable items in bubble wrap or packing paper. Be sure to place cushion on the bottom of the box. Do not place a lot of weight on top of breakable items inside the box. Be sure to mark “Fragile” on boxes that contain these breakable items.

Do I need to empty drawers to my dressers and other furniture?

No, leave the drawers packed unless there are breakable items. Remove these fragile items and place them in their own separate box packed with the appropriate amount of protection. The non-fragile items such as clothes can be left inside the drawers.  We are strong enough to carry these heavy items with drawers. It will save us time and space on the truck.

Are there any items that Firehouse Moving Company is not able to transport?

Yes, we are unable to transport any hazardous materials along with other specific items.  We can not transport the following items:



Aerosol Cans

Cleaning Fluid


Propane Tanks

Oil Cans/Paint/Thinner

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